Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sun in the morning, Clouds in the afternoon

It was sure nice getting up to a sunny sky. I even took some pictures.

unfortunately the sun did not hit the road yet and I wanted to wait until the whole road was in sunlight to take some more,  but.... then the sun decided to take leave and that was it for the day. It was 1 PM.
This afternoon we went for our Sunday afternoon get-together with our friends. We were hoping that we could sit outside but that was not possible. I am really looking forward to it when that time arrives.
On the News tonight I heard that the month of January was the second warmest January on record. No surprise there, we enjoyed every day of it ☺
Today was the last day to take advantage of the home improvement tax credit here in Canada and apparently the stores were crowded and are staying open longer than normal. We did not use it even though the house could use a few improvements.
Cliff is still chopping wood and it looks like we will have enough for at least one more winter possibly even longer. It is a very good feeling.
That was my day and it was good.
Good night everybody ☺

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Janna and Mike said...

Rhubarb coming up--you really must have had a mild winter! Only cactus are coming up down here in AZ although we are seeing some green weeds and grass compliments of the rainfall a week ago.