Monday, January 25, 2010

Westcoast Drizzle

and rain in the early afternoon and after that a dry period. We had it all except snow. I am very thankful for that.
As usual I did the laundry but it was quite a bit later since we only got up at 7.30 AM, very unusual.
At lunch time I used the George Foreman grill again. I am still impressed with it. Pork tenderloin steaks only take 2 1/2 minutes to do and they taste great.
After lunch I puttered around and Cliff went to see our neighbours to do a job. At about 2.30 PM I made some waffles strictly from whole wheat flour that I grind myself. They turned out really tasty. I waited for Cliff to come in the house forgetting that he went to the neighbours but instead I got a call inviting me over for Happy Hour. So it was a pretty nice afternoon.
All told it was a good day, clean bedding on our beds and clean laundry in the cupboard. Very nice.
Good night everybody :-)


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Gypsy said...

Now that would be so nice - to have a place to go for happy hour, and one that I didn't have to drive home from!