Friday, January 8, 2010


not really something I look forward to any more because every day is a Thank God day :-)
It was grey on grey today. For most of the day the air was laden with moisture but it only started raining at about 4 PM. It was 4C so not cold. I only went up the road to the mail boxes and that was the extend of my walking.
We had the second jar of Chinook salmon and it was very tasty again. Too bad there are no more :-) but I still have some ones that I canned a couple of years ago.
I was in the cold room thinking of getting one of our squash and saw that quite a few had rotted and some were on the way to the same. They look great on the top but when I pick them up the rest of them is rotten. On some of them parts are still salvageable so we will eat squash every day now for awhile. There are a few good ones left too. Good thing we both like it.
We just had a Navel Orange and it was so sweet and juicy and big so we shared it. We bought them yesterday for 49 cents a pound. They are that price all over. I hope they last for a long time. When we wintered in Arizona we used to pick them ourselves around this time of the year. At the farm we were issued a large bucket and that's the way it was paid too. We tried some about a month ago but they were still pretty sour.
Hope your day was great.
Goodnight everybody :-)


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