Monday, January 11, 2010

Raining, raining, raining

I think we have enough of that!
We had another run into town. I had to exchange the shoes I bought a while ago. I really liked them at first but they did a number on my left foot. In the end it hurt even when I was not wearing the shoes. So we took them back today and Mark's Workwear World exchanged them without a problem. I had only worn them a few times to go to the mail box and in the house a bit to break them in, but instead they broke me. I got a different type now and they feel really good. I will wear them in the house for awhile before using them outside.
We had a pretty good weekend and I even went for a walk (different shoes :-) but other than that nothing interesting to tell you.
As a matter of fact, I will take a bit of a break from posting but I will surely read all my favourite Blogs.
Bye bye for awhile.


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Rick and Paulette said...

Too bad about all the rain back home, Verae. It's nothing but sunshine down here in Palm Springs, though.