Friday, January 1, 2010

Start of a new year

and it rained nearly all day long. At one time the sun came out but it was not for long.
I never got to see the Ball drop in New York, I could not even make it till 9 PM. I should have known better because it is very seldom that we can stay awake until midnight.
Even though it was raining we hoofed it to our friends this afternoon. Good thing they don't live far. It seems silly to start a car for that distance.
We had my favourite buttermilk biscuits with ham pâté or onion and garlic cream cheese. I have the recipe for the biscuits from my friend but I cannot make them as nice as she does. I have no idea why not !!! It's maddening.
Today was the last day for the Christmas decorations and tomorrow they will be packed away for another year.
Nothing else is new so,
Good night everybody :-)

true friend


Gypsy said...

Biscuits & ham pate sound wonderful, and I'm sure yours are very good.


All the best to you guys in the New Year Vera..........