Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Going to town

I got up fairly early this morning because we had an appointment in Duncan at 9.30 and wanted to do a quick shopping before that.
When I got up the coffee was made but I was able to make the porridge. Cliff was in the process of starting the fire downstairs. The upstairs was already blazing. Coffee was great and we sat downstairs watching the fire while we drank it.
I had to wash my hair this morning so I had to hurry up. As usual lately we took the pink elephant and it worked well. It amazes me when I think that just a few weeks ago the engine sat in bits and pieces on the workbench in the shop. It sure keeps Cliff busy but I wonder what he will do when all the kinks are rectified???
We had a good chat with the lady we had an appointment with and she presented us with 2 jars of white Chinook salmon. We had one of them for our lunch and it was terrific. The first large salmon (27 lb) we ever caught was a white Chinook. We had never had one and were not too thrilled when we saw it was white, so I canned it but kept a few pieces to eat fresh. It was so delicious that I was sorry to have canned just about all. Live and learn I guess. 
Cliff went to Victoria this afternoon. He had 4 old batteries to get rid of and amazingly enough he got $ 20.00 for them. There was a time when they were worth nothing. He also stopped at an auto wreckers to try and find a part for his WE but was not able to find one. All the Hondas that were there had that particular part missing. That must have been a weak point in them. Now he'll probably have to order a new one. I stayed home, I was not feeling too well., but all told it was a good day with only a bit of rain.
Good night everybody :-)

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Fred and Wilma said...

Hi Vera,
Hope your feeling better tomorrow. Thanks for letting me know that my slide show didn't work. It was the first time I tried it and failed in a small setting. Hopefully it's working now.

Gypsy said...

The fireplace looks so cozy.

Randy and Pam Warner said...

Happy New Year. Hope you get to feeling better. The salmon sounds good - yum!