Friday, January 22, 2010

Last sunny day???

I hope not. We took advantage of the nice weather and went to Victoria again for a hospital visit. Our friend is slowly getting the feeling back in his left arm but the right one still needs a lot of work. He is in a room by himself and it must be so boring.
This morning I did quite a bit of paperwork. There is always lots of that at the end of the year and the beginning of the next. Pretty soon it will be tax time which I always dread.
We had the scallops I bought last week for lunch. I just steamed them with a bit of garlic in the water and we dipped  them  in a cocktail sauce I made of Chilli sauce with creamed horseradish. We also had creamed potatoes, winter squash and a big green salad. Tonight we had toast and  prawns to dip up the rest of the cocktail sauce. Now I have to think of an encore for something to serve tomorrow. I like cooking but I don't like figuring out what to serve. I have done that for so many years but I guess I can't retire :-)
That was my day, hope yours was good too.
Good night everybody :-)


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