Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A drab day

It did not rain but it certainly was not cheerful out there. Other than walking to the mail boxes I stayed inside.
Yesterday, after the stormy night, the snow plough came down our road!!! It had the blade down. The only thing I can think is that it was trying to get some branches off the road. Crazy to bring the plough I think, it should have been a brushing machine. Mind you, I did not see too many branches on the road even before the plough came around. ;-)
Other than cooking I spent my day at the computer. I had to make a few birthday cards. February is heavy with birthdays and anniversaries. Another busy month is November.
Tonight I mad a rice stir-fry with some of our great prawns. It was quite yummy.
Today was Cabinet shuffle in our Federal Government. We were warned that the Government will tighten the belt to get the deficit down. I hope they will succeed without too much heartbreak for the people.

Good night everybody :-)

Economy 001

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