Monday, January 18, 2010

Great Weather

After quite the storm last night the sun came out in full force and it was quite warm too. Our power went out sometime during the night for a few hours. This morning I had the task of setting all the clocks again which really is a pain in the neck. The DVD recorder needed the settings changed too. Whenever the power goes out it reverts back to Jan. 1. 2001. I have done that so often now that I don't even have to look in the manual now. That is at least one plus. We also have an electronic picture frame. I always have it set to the clock rather than pictures. I like it that way because it has hour, minutes and seconds. I like the seconds part. Changing the time on that is a little more involved.
I was busy with all kinds of little jobs and it is amazing how quickly the time goes. While I was doing that I finished one of my audio books. Kept the little jobs from being too boring.
We are still keeping the rec. room fire going all day but let it burn out later on in the evening. What a difference from last year when we kept it going all night long.
Hope everybody is enjoying life.
Good night everyone :-)


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Tzara said...

We had a ton of rain too!!!