Saturday, January 2, 2010


We had some sun today, actually quite a bit and it got to be 8 C. It was nice to take a little walk . We also went to Mill Bay, I had to take 2 books back to the library. When I got there, the books were still at home!!! Darn it, but good thing they are not due until next week Wednesday.
At around 10 in the morning we usually have a bit of a break with a couple of our apples. They really taste good this year. In the afternoon we have another break with hot chocolate and cookies. That is, that's what we used to do. I gained 10 pounds last year, so that has to come off and so no more hot chocolate and cookies for me.
When I read the RV Blogs in the mornings I am envious but when the time comes to go to bed I am very happy to be in my very own bed. I usually turn on my electric blanket and the bed is toasty warm when I climb in. I don't keep it going all night, just enough to warm the bed.
That's exactly where I am going now :-)
Good night everybody :-)

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Wandering Willy said...

Funny you should mention two of my favorite things,chocolate and cookies.Anything chocolate and you have my attention.Walking it off is the big thing.
So far this trip the walking trumps the chocolate and cookies.I've lost 5 pounds,but I shouldn't speak too soon.