Friday, January 29, 2010


I have been reading or listening to quite a few books lately. When I heard on the News yesterday that J.D. Salinger died at 91 years old I ordered the book they were talking about "The catcher in the rye" from the library. I had never heard of him or it. It sure did not take long to arrive, I picked it up today. At the same time I went to Thrifty. They had navel oranges on special for $ 2.99 for 8 pounds. What a good buy. We bought 2 bags because they seemed to be nice and solid. We tried one as soon as we got home and they are juicy and very sweet. We sure hit the jackpot.
When we came home I took a quick trip to the garden to take a picture of the daffodils and snowdrops that are peeking through the dirt. I also found rhubarb that is coming up.
snowdrops and dafs Jan.28 (2) [50%]
snowdrops and dafs Jan.28 (3) [50%]
snowdrops and dafs Jan.28 [50%]

The roads were dry today but it started to sprinkle when we  came back home. We sure have been lucky with the weather. No wonder the plants are coming up already. Hopefully no bad weather will destroy them.
Good night everybody ☺

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Fred and Wilma said...

Vera I will trade you.

I'll give you my weather, its now 10F. for yours. Plus I'll kick in some free snow!

Great pictures, makes me get anxious for spring in about 2 months.