Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thank you, thank you, Mr Weatherman

for another sunny and warmish day. I did not go outside though because I made applesauce this morning. A lot of our apples started having brown spots and I knew if I did not do something with them they would end up in the compost. We have an apple every morning for our break. Cliff comes in the house from the garage around 10 every morning and we sit by the fire munching on our apples. After cooking the apples I canned them.
I also made a very large pot of Chilli. When I went shopping yesterday I picked up a 3 lb. package of extra lean ground beef and all the fixings to make it. I use the Appaloosa beans that we grow in the winter and then dry.
I managed to walk to the mail box though. The end of the year bank statements etc. are rolling in and I hate to leave them in the box longer than necessary.
When I was at the library yesterday I picked up 3 books and I started one this afternoon and now I better go and do some serious reading :-)

Good night everybody :-)

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