Monday, January 4, 2010

Not much to write about

It was a rainy day again and not much going on. I did my usual Monday job - laundry and not much else. I read most of the afternoon. Good thing I had soup to serve from the day before. Cliff took the pink elephant out for a drive. It works pretty good now but he still tinkers with it.
We would both like to be in Arizona  where it is getting nice and warm. Too bad we sold our 5th wheel last year. On the other hand we are cozy here so it is not hard to take as long as there is no snow.
Tomorrow it's off to town again.
Good night everybody :-)

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Wandering Willy said...

Your day yesterday sounds a lot like my day.And we both want to get out of the rain.

Gypsy said...

Do you have any plans to get another RV? You would then have the best of both worlds, a house and an RV. I miss having a house to go back to once in a while.