Friday, February 5, 2010

Trip to Costco

Cliff's niece and I just came back from our shopping trip to Costco. We had a lot of fun walking around and picking up stuff. I found a Microsoft desktop 7000 and thought I'd give it a try. I also found a birthday gift for Cliff and the prunes that I like so much. I ended up buying my own membership and because someone with a card was with me I got a 10 dollar gift card and so did she. Great, I can live with that ☺ Now I am good for one year. I'll see if I use it enough. Our cart was full to overflow, not much was my stuff though. When we got to the car we found out that she had locked her keys in the car!!! This is where cell phones come in handy, she phoned her daughter who was on her way to Victoria with her boyfriend to see a movie and had just left the house, so she was able to go back and bring us a second set of keys but of course it took awhile before they would arrive so we went back inside and had a hotdog. It was very crowded and we sat at a table with a very nice couple and had a good visit with them. Lots of laughs.
Coming home I unpacked the Microsoft desktop and found out that the space key clacked just as much as the one I had bought before at London Drugs. This time I tried it right away before installing it on my computer. It was one heck of a puzzle to put it back in the box but after lots of tries we succeeded. Now it will go back next time we go to Victoria.
Good night everyone ☺


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