Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday afternoon Get-together

Our friends were over and we watched the tail end of the hockey game together. It sure was a nail biter. Actually neither one of us is really interested in hockey but this was different. It reminded me of the hockey game against the Russians in 1973 I think it was. That was the only other time I was glued to the TV screen for hockey. Today, when the game was over we lifted our glass and toasted Canada ☺
This morning I baked French bread and a "Sauer cherry Torte"  served with whipped cream for our afternoon treats to go with the wine. The cherries come from our tree and were especially plentiful last year. I canned a lot and also froze lots. Good thing all of us like to eat the Torte. With the French Bread we had Assiago cheese, cheddar cheese, chives and onion cream cheese and chunks of Honey pepperoni.


french bread 2

The day turned out to be nice and sunny. It warmed up to 10C and we did not have a fire until late in the afternoon.

Now I will say
Good night everybody ☺


Wandering Willy said...

It's easy to get swept up with these big games.I'll always remember that 1972 game with Russia when Paul Henderson scored.It was the first time I ever saw my wife Marlene Jumping up and down cheering.Never saw it since.

Tzara said...

I remember making a torte with you once! Man I miss those times!