Saturday, February 6, 2010

One good bad day... NOT

We had TWO good days in a row!. It got to plus 11 C here today and the sun was out all day long.
Cliff went to the wood burning seminar with his friend. It was 2 1/2 hours long and when they came back we had a little get-together at our friends home with a nice glass of wine for the ladies and beer for the gents.
The seminar started at 12 Noon and we had lunch very early. While I was cooking squash Cliff called me with a computer question. I got involved in it and it took a bit longer than I thought and all of a sudden we smelled lunch but it was not a good smell. Oh well, we did not really need the squash anyway, there was lots of other food to eat ☺
This afternoon I got a very welcome phone call from each of my girls. We had a good chat. Sonja even has her own Blog but I m not sure if I should be happy about that ☺
I just watched the semi final curling game between Ontario and PEI. PEI will play in the finals tomorrow against Team Canada, the final score was PEI 10 and Ontario 6
Now back to reading.
Good night everybody ☺


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