Friday, February 12, 2010

Today I was bad :-(

We went to the library first to pick up 3 books that I had ordered. After that off to Duncan to exchange one of Cliff's birthday gifts and on the way back we stopped at Superstore to buy some bananas and a few odds and ends. That's when I got derailed. All day long I had a craving for something good and I could not get chocolate of my mind! I ended up buying a President's Choice Swiss milk chocolate bar with honey and almond nougat. Bad bad bad!!! It tastes exactly like Toblerone. Yummy yummy ☺
Getting back into the car where Cliff was waiting for me I told him I did not want any comments from the peanut gallery because I usually get called on the carpet when I buy stuff that "is not good for us". Of course that does not stop him of gobbling up half of my loot. So now it is all gone and I can rest  easy (and full).
We also picked up an  "Intruder brand better mouse trap" that was talked about in a forum I visit every day. We need it for our garden.


Now Cliff will have to drill a little hole in the base so that he can use a wire with it to anchor it in the garden. We have had other traps missing. A mouse or rat gets caught in one and another critter will come and make a meal of it and in the process drag the trap away if it is not anchored down.
It will be interesting to find out if it really works. We have never had one like this before.
When we came home it was time for the News and after that we started watching the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics. I am now taping the rest to watch at a later time. Watching the Canadian team walk in was really great.
Now it is time to start reading one of my books.
Good night everybody ☺



Gypsy said...

I don't often eat sweets, but you make that chocolate sound sooooo good!

Janna and Mike said...

Vera--the chocolate sounds wonderful and those mouse traps do work--we use them all the time, Mike glues the trap to a larger piece of wood so the traps don't disappear. I saw Canada win the gold medal last night, YEA.