Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sunny and warmer

We are having a great weather day.  Cliff went for a fast walk by himself. I have to take a day off since my legs are too sore. Even though we live in a 2 storey house and I am up and down the stairs all day long my legs are not what they used to be :-( I hope to go again tomorrow to pick some of the nettles we saw yesterday. A few months ago I walked up Cobble Hill mountain a bit too far and since then my knees really give me problems. I had to quit taking SierraSil because I find that since I took it I am having leg cramps at night bad enough to jump out of bed several times at night. I'll try it again in a little while to see if the cramps come back. No cramps since I quit using it.
We have rat traps and several different mouse traps set in the garden. Sometimes they don't go off but the peanut butter is gone or they go off, no critter but the bait is gone. Even the new hair trigger Intruder does the same thing. I wonder what could eat off the peanut butter without setting the trap off??
Today I moved my winter jacket from the hallway to the spare room closet. I hope that was not too early but it is so nice outside.
Hurrah.... another gold medal. This time in women's snowboard cross. Go Canada!!!☺
Time to read a bit.
Good night everybody ☺



Gypsy said...

What is SierraSil, and what do you take it for? I have leg cramps that have me up several times during the night, but usually a drink water makes them go away.

Vera said...

Gypsy, Sierra Sil is supposed to reduce inflammation as well as the breakdown of human cartilage, but it seems to give me cramps in my legs, that's why I had to stop it at least for awhile. Have a look at this website:


Cramps are really horrible they stop you from having a good sleep.

Anonymous said...

Vera, you have to drink a lot of water with Sierra-Sil that is why you are having leg cramps, I never had them when I took Sierra-Sil, so don't know why you are having them, unless your water intake is LOW.,.,. Max