Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fog in the morning

and nice in the afternoon. I got up in good time to make breakfast and my Inka coffee. Cliff was already drinking his "good" coffee. Most mornings breakfast is made when I get up but I surprised Cliff today ☺
I managed to keep busy until we had our apple break around 10 AM and after that I cut Cliff's hair and beard just in time to have lunch. Then it was off to Costco to return that Microsoft keyboard and snoop around Costco. I wrote down prices for a lot of things I would be interested in to compare them with the stores here in our area. I can already say that some of the goods are cheaper at Superstore. It was an interesting exercise. We also picked up Cliff's Costco card. I don't think he will use it any time soon ☺
After we left there we carried on to the hospital. Our friend wanted me to cut his hair but the hair clippers he borrowed from the nurses station was so dull it did not cut anything. I was quite glad about that because I don't really like cutting hair, just for my husband because if he is not satisfied...... too bad ☺ We found out that our friend's probable release date from hospital is March 17th. That will be great.
We came home in time for the News and a few pieces of matrimonial cake.
Now it is time for 5th Estate on TV.
Good night everybody ☺



Gypsy said...

I just can't wait until I get into a Costco store again! My shoppingh list grows by the day.

Tzara said...

Hahaha, I am copying this picture and sending it to my cat loving co workers!