Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Frost last night

but then it warmed up and it was a super day. Shortly before lunch we went for a walk and picked some of  the stinging nettles that we saw a couple of days ago. I used my rubber gloves but then nosy as I was I had to find out if they would really sting. Well, they did and I can still feel it. Also I must have knelt in some of them while picking because I can feel my knee sting as well. Now I know for sure that they were stinging nettles ☺ I cooked some of them for lunch. They were pretty good and Cliff liked them more than I did.
This afternoon we drove to Victoria again. Cliff had to pick up a manual for the car and he went to visit our friend at the hospital. I stayed in the car and read/listened to my book. It was a peaceful hour.
When the weather is nice the drive over the Malahat is very beautiful and I really enjoyed it.
Now I will sign off and listen to my book again.
Good night everybody ☺

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Gypsy said...

Yes, stinging nettles really sting. What happens to the stinger when they are cooked? Do they taste like any other type of greens? How do you season them?