Monday, February 22, 2010

Last nice day?

I hope not but that is what the weatherman said.
Cliff made sure that the last of the firewood was piled in the Woodshed and the big tarp folded up. I tried to do a bit of weeding around the tulips but that area is infested with buttercups and they are almost impossible to get rid of since they are intertwined with the tulips and daffodils. I think I'll just leave it alone and in the fall I will lift the bulbs and plant them some other place. Then I can dig deep to eradicate the weeds.
I had a few extra loads of laundry today but all is done and back in the cupboards and drawers. We also took a quick trip to Mill Bay to get our car insurance for another year. I stopped at the library for a book and a DVD that I ordered. Since there is nothing on TV that we are interested in the DVD will come in handy.
It was a full day.
Good night everybody ☺


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