Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ducking under the rain

to run to the mail boxes. It was a day of rain, fog and dry weather. Tomorrow it's supposed to be windy. People are streaming to Vancouver. The weather is not very conductive to Olympic winter games. Too bad they are not held on Mount Washington because there is over 3 meter snow base and it snowed again today. Mind you, I would hate to have to battle the traffic on Vancouver Island if the games were held here.
Cliff went to pick up a prune plum tree from our neighbour but due to the rain he came back empty handed. He took an egg plum tree from our garden to give to the neighbour. Now we have to wait for better weather to get both of the trees into the ground.
In about half an hour I will watch "Survivor" I have been hooked on that since the second season. I love the scenery of the locations that it takes place. I cannot imagine the hardships the people go through to be on that show. Not for me, I like my comforts of home.
That is all for tonight since not much happened here today.
Good night everybody ☺



Anonymous said...

hello, Vera, it is conducive not conductive, I know your first language is German but that still doesn't give you the right to desecrate the English language!!!padsmsse

Anonymous said...

whoops, ignore the padsmsse, that's German for whoops.,.,.,.