Thursday, February 25, 2010

April weather

and it's only the end of February. Already the bloom count is in full swing in Victoria. We are in for a week of rain now though. Too bad for the Olympics. Last week was so much nicer when it was sunny.
Nothing much going on here today. I used that lunch flop from a few days ago to make a big pot of soup. Turned out really well and I have a few meals of it in the freezer. Nice to have something that is quick later on a day when I am busy.
Yesterday I watched a video on the Rouxbe website about the right way of frying meat  so of course I tried it out at lunch today. I hauled my stainless steel fry pan from the bottom of the pile and did exactly what the video said. I used a cut-up chicken breast and it turned out real yummy. That just goes to show that you CAN teach an old dog new tricks.
Spent some time at the computer and now I want to read a bit before I watch TV.
Good night everybody ☺


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