Sunday, December 13, 2009

3 or 4 snowflakes

We finally had a bit of snow, not that I looked forward to it. It did not stick to anything though and that's a good thing. It was above freezing all day long too and that is also a good thing :-)
I have a hairdresser appointment on Wednesday and I am pleased that the forecast is for rain and not for snow. Hope the weatherman is right.
This afternoon I watched several programs that I had recorded. "All in the Family" I liked that sitcom when it was first broadcast and I still do. Archie and Edith are great actors. Today's segment was Gloria and Meathead's wedding. It was hilarious when Edith started playing the wedding march and Archie and Gloria were not coming down the stairs. Gloria called down that she was waiting for Archie and soon after one could hear that loud toilet roar... finally Archie and Gloria came downstairs to more of the wedding march, wrong notes and all.
Now I'll sit by the fire and watch "60 Minutes"
Good night everybody


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