Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A quiet day

It's the quiet days that are hard to blog about.
I have been sitting here trying to find something worthwhile to blog about but nothing comes to mind.
Cliff had coffee and breakfast made when I got up and both fires were blazing away. It had been another cold night.
After that he brought in the wood for today and then went back to the garage to work on the white elephant. It seems that job is coming to an end soon. He started it up for the first time tonight. We'll see what tomorrow brings.
I made lunch and supper and puttered around the house. I also transferred a lot of files from my laptop to an external hard drive. Since the laptop does not work so well any longer I thought it might be better to have a back-up. I hardly ever use it now anyhow.
The last few times that I had turned it on I saw that I was connected to a DLink router. I don't know why that happens. Our own router is a Linksys and it is protected. Somebody in the neighbourhood must have a powerful DLink router that is unprotected. As soon as I saw that I switched the connection back to our own router.
While I was doing that I watched a few episodes of "All in the Family" that are being re-broadcasted on TV at the moment. I really get a kick out of that program. I enjoyed it when it first came out and really enjoy it again.
Good night everyone :-)


Should have had this cartoon on Thanksgiving!

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Rick and Paulette said...

It is getting a little nippy in the mornings now. That's funny about you connecting to a neighbour's router instead of your own. It's quite amazing how many people actually have unsecured routers - especially in apartments and condos.