Sunday, December 27, 2009

After Christmas

We had a great time this afternoon with our friends. First I had to do battle with the "red carpet" :-) Having a fireplace sure is a lot of work but it is so very nice when all is done and we can sit by it so nice and warm.
It was quite cold when we got up this morning. Minus 6 C and there are still 2 little mounds of snow next to our driveway where Cliff shovelled it so that the car would not plow it when we left the driveway. That is quite awhile ago and the snow is gone except for those mounds. Hope that was all the snow we get this winter.
I made Focaccia bread just before our friends came. It is very easy to make and tastes great fresh from the oven. We had Hardy Buoys candy nuggets, cheese chunks and honey and garlic pepperoni to go along with it. Afterwards lots of Christmas tarts and cookies. Now I am too full to do the dishes. I guess they won't run away, so I'll wait till the morning to do them.
We are going to watch 60 Minutes and I will record "Shock Wave" Surviving the next big quake/tsunami predicted to hit Canada's west coast. That should be very interesting.
I hope everybody is recuperating from the Christmas season and getting ready for the next round "New Years"
Good night all :-)

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