Sunday, December 6, 2009

No snow and lots of sunshine

We dodged the bullet so far. The snow did not hit us but it was very windy. Watching the News tonight we consider ourselves very lucky. The city of Victoria had a lot more wind. Scaffolding for several high-rises were blown down and sailboats that were moored off the waterfront tore loose and were shown on their sides. Makes me glad that we don't own a boat any longer. Our sailboat was moored in the lee of a little mountain at Maple Bay Marina and even strong winds did not affect it there. In the first year after we bought the sailboat we had a berth at Mill Bay Marina but that year we had a terrific south-east storm and the boat jumped up and down at the dock. We ended up with several  scratches on one side. As soon as the storm was over we sailed the boat around to Maple Bay Marina and kept it there for the duration of that winter. Later on we split the moorage, the summer in Mill Bay and the winter in Maple Bay. After a few years of that we left it permanently in Maple Bay. We had a longer drive then when we wanted to go sailing but it was a better marina.  
We had a good time again with our friends this afternoon and were back in time for the 5.30 News. Now it is time for "60 Minutes" so I will say

Good night :-)



Anonymous said...

Yet again ,another lovely story,It's great reading them,also Wondering Willy's Blogs,it as good as a world tour checking your contacts,tell them an old man in the u.k looks forward to them. Eddie

Rick and Paulette said...

It is pretty cold around here, but let's hope the snow continues to stay away!