Thursday, December 17, 2009

Foggy day

We had fog all day and a light drizzle quite often. I went to the mailbox at the end of our road twice. The first time I did not need my umbrella but the second time I did. Christmas cards are coming in and I had to mail one first thing this morning before the mailman came by.
Here is a little taste of what our driveway looks like now

DSC01690 [50%]

At days like this I would love to have an attached garage :-)
I tried a new dish for lunch, our main meal, and it turned out semi tasty only. When I was younger I used to scour the magazines and made different dishes. Cliff used to be the guinea pig at least that's what he said. Now it's mostly same old, same old but that's the way we like it. (That sounds almost like a song)
I finished another audio book this afternoon. I have a 20 GB MP3 player with lots of books downloaded.
Nicki wanted to know what I was knitting: 2 tone socks knitted from leftover Tuffy wool.
Time to finish this Blog.
Good night everybody :-)



Joy said...

I have been trying some new dishes lately as well Vera. I have joined sparkspeople. They send you new recipes and they are healthy and easy.

Still hot in Oz

Gypsy said...

I try new recipes once in a while, but sometimes I forget to halve them and it is way too much for me to eat alone. You're lucky you have a guinea pig!

That driveway of yours makes me cold just looking at the picture!