Thursday, December 10, 2009

Listening to my book

While listening I did a lot of housework, cooking and in the end I finally got back to the knitting that I started the end of last winter. It seems that knitting is a winter occupation for me. As usual, it's another sock :-) Pretty soon I have so many socks that I need to retire some of the old ones, unfortunately they are still in excellent condition. That's the characteristic of home made socks, they outlast bought ones.
Since it is supposed to snow soon Cliff and I went on one more shopping trip. When we got home we both said: "Let it snow" :-) If it does I hope it will not stay on the ground too long. I have an appointment to get my hair cut next Wednesday and if the roads are not clear poor Cliff will have to take me to the hairdresser. I don't think that is his favourite pastime.
We brought a lot of wood down from the back woodshed so we should be nice and warm.
The white elephant is in the final finishing stages. No more oil leak, no more water leak. It will be on the road soon I think. Fixing that car sure was a challenge and kept him busy. Good thing he has a good stove in the garage.
It's my bedtime now
Good night everyone

Exercise .


Wandering Willy said...

I miss the old woodstove we had in our Chilliwack home years ago.Such a nice warmth.Except I didnt like it when hibernating wasps came in sleeping in the wood crevices,then waking up and flying around the house.

Nicki said...

I think I know why the dog was buried....hmm we'll see.

Rick and Paulette said...

Vera, don't even mention that "S" word - it's bad luck!! I'm hoping it doesn't snow until after Dec. 29th as we'll be outta here by then.