Thursday, December 3, 2009

It happened again !!!

Burnt porridge this morning !!! It was too early for my brain to be in gear or maybe it was still frozen because it got pretty cold last night.
I have a great spatula that makes short work of cleaning burnt residue of a pot. Here it is
lifter 005 small

When I used it I thought about it coming  from Indonesia.
When we first got there all the household articles belong to INCO, the company Cliff worked for. If something broke or went missing all we had to do is go to supply and it would be replaced. Lots of things went "missing" and I guess it finally got too much for INCO to bear so from one point in time we were told that we "owned" everything but furniture and electrical appliances in our houses. When it came time to repatriate we could take it all. We gave most of it to our maid and garden boy but a few things I liked and we brought it home. One of those things was that spatula in the picture. It sure comes in handy when I burn food :-)
We bought quite a few rattan furniture on the local market and that came home with us too. We are still using that today.
The crates to ship it all home with were made by the INCO carpenters. The wood was mainly mahogany and Cliff could use a lot of it for various projects. Everything had to be packed to be waterproof. Glad the local movers were the ones doing that. I just had to hang around to make sure that nothing got "lost". We made sure to have the odd goodie to give to them. Everything also had to be fumigated because of the cockroaches and other critters that we had.  I swear the cockroaches were wearing wooden shoes because when I came in the kitchen in the middle of the night for whatever reason I could hear them running and hiding. They were at least an inch long. We battled them for the duration of our stay but they won :-(  I sure don't miss that part of our stay in Indonesia.
These are the crates going home

It was at least 3 months before they arrived at our door. Unpacking them was like Christmas.  Luckily we never found any hitchhikers.

Good night to all of you :-)

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