Tuesday, December 15, 2009

More snow

This morning we woke up to this:

15. Dec. 09 001 [50%]

It was beautiful to see but just the same I can hardly wait until it is gone. About noon it started to rain a bit. I figured that it might turn into snow because the temperature was only around freezing. I hope it warms up enough to keep the precipitation as rain and not snow.
I was pretty busy baking. First I made a kind of cake. I peeled and cut up apples (from the tree above) placed them in a 9 x 12 glass pan, micro waved that for 10 minutes and then placed  little balls made from sugar cookie dough on top of that and baked it. This is the third time I made that concoction and it is my downfall; I cannot leave it alone. I told myself that it is the Christmas Season and I am allowed to eat but after Christmas that's it.... no more sweets. I hope I can stick with it :-)
I also made my usual 12 little loaves of bread. This should last almost 6 weeks. I like the little loaves of bread because this way we don't eat stale bread.
I also did one weeks worth of laundry. I usually do that on Mondays but I ran out of Tide which I bought yesterday.
I did all kinds of little jobs as well.  Now I will knit and listen to another audiobook.
Good night everybody :-)


Nicki said...

What ya nittin? What ya usin?

Tzara said...

That sounds so yummy, I wish I was retired, today I would do my laundry, clean my bathrooms and bake an apple pie. That snow is beautiful! I miss it just a tiny bit....

Gypsy said...

How large are the loaves of bread? Do you use a bread maker? I'm going to buy one after Christmas and hopefully I can make the small loaves and eat it before it gets stale.

toetapping said...

The little loaves of bread would be my downfall. We bought a bread machine but was eating about a loaf a day between Hubby and myself. I wish I was in your kitchen licking the bowl Vera.