Friday, December 18, 2009

Another trip to town

In an earlier post I wrote that I hate to go shopping. That is true but you would not think so because we have been shopping almost every other day. What gives?????????? I hope that comes to an end after Christmas.
Another storm is in the making it will hit the Okanagan and so we will definitely stay at home for Christmas. I hate driving on the Coquihalla when there is snow on the road. On the News tonight people were warned to leave tomorrow if they want to get over the mountains before Christmas. Nobody knows what happens after Christmas either.
Superstore was not too crowded today. One can really notice that the economy is in a bind. The papers are full of advertising flyers. I hope things get better soon.
I baked some cookies this afternoon and already ate a lot. I have to make hay when the sun shines because after the New Year there will be no more sweets. I hope it will only be about 2 weeks of abstinence before my body stops craving sugar, at least that's what I heard. Now if only I could get my sorry butt in gear and do some exercises that would be great. A few years ago I belonged to Curves for 2 years but then I developed Shingles and that beat the stuffing out of me.
I hope you are all looking forward to Christmas.
Good night everybody :-)


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Nicki said...

I love the comic. I think we should go into production. They'll sell like hotcakes. LOL