Saturday, December 19, 2009

No News is good News

And that is what today was. Nothing new to report.
I slept until nearly 7 AM. Both fires were lit and nearly burnt down, my porridge was made and coffee brewed. Can life be better than that ?

fireplace insert 004 [50%]

I found 2 pictures of the ducks that I wrote about in this Blog today.
3.4.07 010 [50%] 019 [50%] 2

I fired up the old laptop and had a ball looking at all the pictures on there. I needed some for Christmas Cards I am making. It was a walk down memory lane. I was so engrossed that I lost track of time and when I finally came to it was 5 minutes before lunch and I had nothing prepared. Keep in mind that we eat our daily big meal at lunchtime. As you can imagine, lunch was a "little" late.

This is my contribution for today.
Good night everybody :-)

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