Sunday, December 20, 2009

Beautiful Day Today


that is if you like fog and rain ! It could have been worse if it was snow instead of rain. I don't mind this at all, it lets me enjoy the indoors and Cliff does not have to shovel it.
I actually slept in until 7 AM and as usual coffee and breakfast was made. I played at the computer for quite some time again. It seems there are so many Blogs to read and if any Cities etc. are mentioned I fire up Goggle maps and have a look where they are.
It is getting closer and closer to Christmas and I still have to get one or two presents. I want to go tomorrow morning no later that 8 AM to avoid the crowds. I hope that is a good plan. We have been invited for Christmas Dinner so it will be a very easy day for me. 2 parcels are in the waiting to be opened. It will be fun. I will miss my Family. We used to have lots of fun on Christmas Day. My sister in law and family lived next door and we had a combined Christmas Dinner at her place and then we all came to our place played games and had a table tennis tournament.
Those were the days !!!
Now I will watch 60 Minutes.
Good night everybody

tree, ceramic

Table dark

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