Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing Day

I hope everybody had a great Christmas. We certainly did. Went to the hospital for a visit first and then for Christmas Dinner at Cliff's niece. Great Dinner and great company.
This morning we decided to make a Boxing Day run to Duncan. Cliff wanted to get a dolly that was advertised at Canadian tire. We figured we better get there early. It was the first time we ever went shopping on Boxing Day since neither one of us like the crowded stores, but that dolly was too good of a bargain. When we arrived at Canadian Tire there were only a few cars in the parking lot and the store was nearly empty. So much for the boxing day rush. We carried on to Walmart to have a look there, same thing, hardly anybody there. Onwards to Superstore and Staples where we did not see too many people either. That sure was different to what we saw on the News tonight where there were line-ups at a lot of stores and the Malls were crowded.
All we bought was the dolly and an 8 GB memory stick pro duo for my Sony camera.
We had a left-over turkey dinner and I settled down to my reading again. All told it was a good day.
Good night everybody :-)

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Almost any day without getting all jammed up in a chaotic shopping mall is a good day for me:))

Gypsy said...

I think next year I will have to buck the trend of Canadians heading south, and come to Canada to see what Boxing Day is all about there. Glad you didn't run into crowds or traffic. I'm like you - I really don't want to get into big crowded stores any more.