Monday, December 21, 2009

Dry day today

It was great. We went for our last shopping before Christmas. We only went as far as Mill Bay and that was to finally get insurance for the "White Elephant" Yes, it is finally on the road again. It was a long haul but I never waivered in the belief that Cliff could get it going. He has to tweak it a little bit but at least it is driveable now.
This afternoon Cliff went to town to fill it with gas and to visit our friend who is now in an extended care home. We like to visit once or twice a week. Hopefully he will be able to some day go home again. At 84 years of age that is not always a given. 
I stayed home in case something went wrong but everything went well.
The rest of the day went by quietly for me but Cliff fixed the bumper on his niece's son's car. It was nice to have a little talk with her later on.
It will be getting colder tonight. As of now it is just around freezing so we need a light on in the pump house. Good thing Cliff dug all our rutabagas yesterday. They were still OK.
That's all for now.
Good night everybody :-)

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