Monday, December 28, 2009


Just a plain day with lots of laundry to do. I sure envy the snowbirds that are getting ready to go or those that are on the road already.
It was a cold night again but that is supposed to change. Warmer weather is in the forecast and maybe even a few snow flurries.
I am sure glad I have no plans to fly any place. The airports are madhouses. I feel sorry for the folks that have vacations booked and cannot get to their destination for days. Lots of people probably missed Christmas with their loved ones. It seems this happens every year.
We just watched the documentary I recorded last night. It was quite something to see. Afterwards we talked about what we should do in case of an earthquake and Tsunami. I don't think a Tsunami would hit us where we live but in an earthquake we would have to leave the house quickly because of the stone fireplaces. I hope it never comes although the prediction is that there definitely will be "the big one" just nobody knows when.
I had lots of laundry today and I still have to dry a load. The front loaders take so much longer to do especially if I give each load an extra rinse. I sure wish I had my old top load washing machine back.
No other topic comes to mind, so that is it for today.
Good night everybody :-)

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Gypsy said...

I sort of liked the front loader as well, although it seems to make more of a mess especially with spilled detergent (in those days I used powder). Earthquakes worry me too, and I wouldn't want to live close to a fault line. Always something to worry about, isn't it?