Friday, December 11, 2009

Still listening

Too many interruptions and I still have not finished my book. I really like it and hope to get back to it right after I write this Blog.
Wandering Willy's Blog about the birds got me thinking about an incident 2 years ago. But before I describe that I must congratulate Willy on the beautiful bird pictures. Thank you Wandering Willy for that post.
In the summer of 2007 we noticed that we had an influx of flies in the house. Since we have screens on all the openings of the house we could not figure out where they came from. It was only a short time and the flies took over. We finally found out that they came  from the fireplace. Cliff went up on the roof and found that the stench coming from the chimney was almost unbearable. We believe that maybe a bird or duck fell into the chimney, died there and was food for the maggots and flies. We had noticed 2  ducks sitting on our chimney quite often so that was our first thought. I used a whole can of Raid all over the and was kept busy vacuuming up the flies dead or alive. It was a real battle but after about 2 weeks we won and did not see any more flies. I swear I had at least half a vacuum bag full of  dead flies when all was said and done.
It was not quite as cold here today and so far no snow. Sure hope it stays that way. Last year the snow started to fall on Dec. 13th. Earlier on I had looked forward to sitting downstairs by the fire watching the snow fall but it did not take me long to "delete" that wish. We had way too much snow.
Now back to my audio book.
Good night everybody


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Wandering Willy said...

Thanks for the compliment Vera.And speaking of flies,the other day at the estuary there was a box of fish-heads beside a fishermans panga,and when I heard all the buzzing coming from the box,I took off in a panic thinking my killer bees were back.