Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Winter is coming !

It was cold this morning but the sun was out almost all day. I hope this winter will be milder with less snow than last year. That winter was long and cold.
I did quite a bit of house cleaning but also talked on Messenger with Cousin Eddie. It was fun. Later on I got a phone call from Nicki which is always welcome. We solved half the problems of the world :-)
Cliff is still working on the "white elephant". He stopped for awhile to get all that wood but now goes full force again. Unfortunately it's slow going but I am sure that sooner or later that old beast will run again.
I am still trying to figure that DVD player out. I find that sometimes the video stops for awhile before it resumes playing, or it skips. Looking up in the manual I see that I have to finalize the DVD when I record it before it will play properly on another DVD player. I always thought that after finalizing a RW DVD one cannot record on it again. I tried that out and I seem to be able to record again on a finalized DVD. I hope that stops the skipping and hesitating. Time will tell.
Just to get used to the idea, here is a photo of last year's winter. We still did have the 5thwheel and Cliff had to remove the snow from the cover many times. He is happy that he does not have to do that any longer.


and here is our long driveway that had to be dug out quite a few times.


That's it for tonight. Have a good evening.

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Rick and Paulette said...

I remember that snow from last year! It was still hanging around when we left for southern California. Sure hope it stays away for the rest of this month!