Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Shopping trip

We went to Canadian Tire again. This time we took the "pink elephant" and it went pretty good. Still needs tweaking but what else would Cliff be doing :-)
I have a lot of knifes in the kitchen but I still wanted one that was on special. Normally $ 19.00 plus and I got it for $ 4.99. It is super sharp and just what I needed :-) Nothing else appealed to me. I was thinking to add another MP3 player to my collection but when I looked at it I almost laughed. The thing was not even as big as a matchbox. No way would I go for that one. I am looking for one that has the capability of bookmarking. When I have an audiobook I like to stop listening, turn the player off and then get back later on to the same spot. One of these days I'll stop at Staples and London Drugs to see if I can find something.
We came home at around 1 PM which is late for our lunch but luckily I only had to boil a few potatoes, the rest was leftovers so lunch was not too late after all.
This afternoon I puttered around a bit and also started another book. This time it was not an audiobook but a fat paper one. I am not sure if I like it but time will tell.
Good night everybody :-)

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Gypsy said...

I love the old-fashioned, fat, paper books!