Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sad Day

It was a sad start to the day. I had a hairdressing appointment but we could not turn down the road to the shop because it was cordoned off by the police. An accident just took the life of a lady that was crossing the road. I have been thinking of that off and on all day. It must be so hard for the family of the lady but also for the driver who killed her. I don't know who's fault it was. I had to walk a ways to be able to get to the shop on a very slippery walkway and was very happy to get there.
Gypsy left a comment asking about my bread. I don't have a bread machine, just a 33 year old Braun kitchen machine. I use regular bread pans but make 2 balls of dough for each pan.  I even made this type of bread when we were snow birding in Arizona by hand. My stove held 3 loaf pans and I had enough room in the freezer to keep 4 little loaves, give one little loaf to our friends and eat the last fresh from the oven :-). We sure liked that. Before I freeze the bread I break the loaves apart. I did not do this at first and I could not pry them apart after they froze. Live and learn :-)
It was quite a bit warmer today but we still have lots of snow that is a soggy mess. It has been raining a lot today. The main roads are clear. It was hard to get up our driveway and into the garage. This is the normal weather pattern for Vancouver Island. We get some snow most years but it melts quite fast and the roads are clear again. Last year was a different story, all the moisture came down as snow. I hope that will not happen again soon.
We had to go to the library this afternoon. I had 2 books there for pick-up. Cliff had replaced the thermostat in our car and wanted to see if the car worked better. He bought a new one this morning when we were in town.
That is all for today.
Good night everyone :-)



Brenda said...

Vera, what a great idea for the bread. I had thought when I read your post that you must use small pans. Good tip. Thanks. I make all our own bread now that Nicki lent me her bread making book to study.

Gypsy said...

I'm sorry to hear about the elderly lady. My grandmother was 97 when she was hit and killed crossing the road.

Thanks for the info about the bread. The problem I have with not using a bread maker is the weather. I am not normally in a locality where it is warm enough for the dough to rise.