Friday, March 19, 2010

A beautiful day in God's Country

It was sunny, mild and no wind. After doing lots of house cleaning for me and working in the garden for Cliff we went for a walk along the ocean by Mill Bay this afternoon. It seems everybody had the same idea and everybody looked so happy. Look at this family
The kids had a ball.
The tide was out and we went along the water's edge. I am happy to say that there was no junk on the beach, it was amazingly clean. I was looking for beach glass but could not find any. I have a friend who collects the glass and makes jewellery from it. I also could not find any nice shells too bad but on the other hand nothing to clutter up my shelves ☺
I took quite a few pictures

  We stopped at the Shopping Centre and the trees are out in bloom there.
Yesterday Cliff took a walk at the old Quarry. It's a nice area to swim.

This is the quarry the limestone  came from that was transported to the Bamberton Cement Works on the road I featured in this Blog. Before that road was built the big trucks had to use the highway which was very dangerous since quite often rocks would fall off the trucks. The kids also used the same road to walk or ride their bikes to school. Not a good thing.
I hope everybody's day was as good as mine.
Good night everybody ☺ 


  1. The trees here are in bloom also. I'm waiting to start sneezing, but so far so good. They are beautiful, though, arent they.

  2. The tree in bloom gives me assurance that Spring is on its way for us here in Michigan.

  3. Howdy Vera, Happy first day of spring, it sure looks like spring there, with all the trees coming out so early, I know when I used to live there, it was a few weeks later! It's too bad your beaches don't have that pure white sand like the beaches in Southern Alberta, but I guess it is better than nothing.,.,.,., Have a great day.