Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Whopper and a trip to Ladysmith

We had a full day. Got up at our normal time and after breakfast a shower, checking email and Blogs we drove to Ladysmith. It was a beautiful day for a drive. We stopped at Farmer's Market for some apples, bananas and oranges. It's nice to get there fairly early because the wait at the till is not long. Next was the stop in Ladysmith. On the way there and back we saw that the ocean was very calm but there were no boats in sight. We also stopped at Thrifty's for a 10 kg bag of flour and later on at Superstore and Country Grocer. I did not want to cook so we stopped at Burger King and had a Whopper. We do that about twice a year. I think I like a Big Mac better when it comes to Fast Food. I feel a little guilty every time I eat something like that but I'll get over it quickly ☺
When I got home I checked to see how Canada's curling team made out. Unfortunately they lost their first game to Germany. Now they have won 8 games and lost 1. Not too bad.
I will go and do something constructive now, like watching TV or something!
Good night everybody ☺
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