Thursday, March 11, 2010

Weather Report

We had lots of rain with lots of wind overnight. It seems the wind hits most of the Bloggers that I follow these days but of course when you live in a "Stick" house it is not bad. It woke Cliff up but since I wear ear plugs I did not hear a thing. Lucky me!
We slept in this morning and after breakfast went out to the garage to measure the band saw for a new blade. Maybe we will be able to pick it up in Victoria tomorrow. That would be great because we have been looking for one for quite some time. Cliff likes to use that saw to cut up some fire wood.
When I came back inside I had just enough time to make lunch. After lunch I just played around and then we had company for the rest of the afternoon.
Tonight on the News I was surprised to hear that Tony Parsons comes back to CHEK TV for the 10 PM News. We used to watch him many years ago. Of course we'll never stay up for that time slot. By that time I have already about an hour of sleep under my belt ☺
Now I have to make some Skype calls.
Good night everybody ☺


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  1. I love to look at the header picture of spring flowers. Are they lilies of the valley?