Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mill Bay Nature Park

If the weatherman is right today was the last really nice day so we took advantage of it and went for a nice walk.
Mill Bay Nature Park consists only of around 7 acres but there are lots of trails throughout  and it took us nearly an hour to walk them all. Of course I took time out to take a few pictures. I sure like my digital camera. It is just a point and shoot Cybershot Sony but that is good enough for me. When we used to overwinter in Arizona I only had a 35mm camera and it was ages before we could see the pictures. Times are sure different now. Just before we took off for our last winter in Arizona we bought a digital camera and as luck had it that was a wet winter and the desert floor was covered in beautiful flowers. I took a ton of photos and really treasure those.
Today's pictures:
This is the entrance of the park
DSC01889 [HDTV (720)]  
Lots of bridges over little streams
DSC01877 [HDTV (720)]
Must have been quite the storm to bring this down
DSC01882 [HDTV (720)]
Don't know what made this lump on the tree
DSC01879 [HDTV (720)]
Views towards Mill Bay Marina
DSC01872 [HDTV (720)] DSC01875 [HDTV (720)]

We just got home in time to watch the News.
Good night everybody ☺


  1. Nice pics! Let's see the pics of the Arizonia flowers!! Nighty nightxoxoxo

  2. May I be so rude as to ask why you guys have stopped coming to Arizona for the winter--I have been curious. It is raining here in the desert this morning--a nice day for staying in.

  3. I would like to walk those trails when I next I visit. Looks like a nice day.