Monday, March 8, 2010


Changed the picture above too early. Look what happened here today:


It was only -4C last night and all the roofs were covered in frost. It did not take too long before it was above freezing but then around noon the snow started. It did not last long though and later on the sun came out again for a little while.
As usual I did the laundry today. Good thing I am writing about it because it reminded me that I better take the last load out of the dryer as soon as I finish this Blog.
I received 2 more birthday cards today. It is amazing how long the mail sometimes takes these days. One of the cards was sent weeks ago and the other one just 2 days ago and I am still expecting one more that was also 2 couple of weeks ago.
The day went by quickly doing this and that, nothing much to write about. Same old, same old, so I will say
Good night everybody ☺


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  1. Ha ha! You blogged about your laundry!!! hahahahahahahahhahah