Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sunny day

Much different than yesterday. The road was dry all day long. There were a few sprinkles but not enough to wet the road.

My day went like so many other days, housekeeping, cooking and playing at the computer.
I usually watch a DVD when I work in the kitchen. It takes the monotony out of everyday work. Right now I am watching the first ever Survivor. That is one I did not see. I asked for it and received it for my birthday. What a difference between that one and the one that is now showing. Those people lived "in the lap of luxury"  compared to the recent lot. Its fun to see it though. It's particularly interesting for me because it takes place on the Island of Borneo, Indonesia. The ocean is so blue and when we went sailing on the weekends we have seen sea snakes and iguanas. We were told that all snakes in Indonesia are poisonous some more so and some less. We used to give them a large berth. We also saw some Crocodiles and once a dugong. Lots of shark and barracuda too. I used to snorkel which was really something; swimming with schools of all kinds of fish. The water is very warm and when the torrential rains came down just about every afternoon we spent our time in the water which was warmer than the rain.
It has been a long time ago but I remember it fondly.
Now it's time to do something else.

Good night everybody ☺


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