Monday, March 15, 2010

Weather not too bad

When we got up the roads were wet and it was sprinkling. After breakfast we decided to have a quick trip to Mill Bay and at that time the rain had stopped and it got progressively better during the day. Maybe tomorrow will be again a bit of rain but after that we are in for some sunshine. We can sure use it.
Following the Blogs of the Snowbirds and Fulltimers I remember when Cliff and I first joined the folks spending the winter time in the South in 1989. We had a camper then. It had a flush toilet and sink but no shower. It was always important to find some place where we could shower. Sometimes that was hard. We met lots of nice people but it was hard to keep up with them because communication was not what it is now. No cell phones and no Internet. Quartzsite had the "Snowbird Centre" where people would leave messages and directions to where they were camped. It was a hit and miss thing. I remember the first time I saw a dish for Internet access. It was really something but that was very isolated. I made friends with the old fellow who had it and was able to get to my email.
Later on I ran into some people who had a little email device they could use at any pay phone. That intrigued me and when I saw a booth at Quartzsite Fourcorners that was selling them it did not take me long to buy it. The device was not too expensive but the yearly fee for using it was around $ 250.--. Didn't matter, I wanted it. I used pocketmail for quite a few years to keep in touch with our RV friends and home. With the advent of cell phones we could find less and less payphones. I found out that it costs the  stores  to have a pay phone at their location and with fewer people using them it was not profitable anymore and they had them taken out. Now it seems everybody had cell phones and internet access in their rigs. I would have loved that. The last time we came home from the winter in Arizona was Feb. 2005. To this day we don't have a cell phone although I have been eyeing them frequently ☺.
Those were my thoughts today.
Good night everybody ☺


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  1. I really dislike using a cell phone. One of the things I look forward to if I can find a house to rent, is that I might be able to get a land line phone.