Monday, March 29, 2010

Thank heavens for earplugs

Cliff told me that the weather overnight was terrible. The rain on the roof woke him up and he had a hard night. I heard nothing and slept well. Like the heading says: thank heavens for ear plugs.
The same weather carried on all day long. Rain, sun, even hail and thunder. It sure was a mixed bag. I did not even finish the laundry because our washing machine has a computer and I did not want anything going wrong in case the power went out which it so often does when we have a storm. Of course both computers were turned off too and the TVs unplugged.
We finally played Mexican train dominoes again last night. We used to play that every afternoon while we were in Arizona for the winter. Last time we were there was 2005 so that's when we played it last. I had to look up the rules again because we both forgot them but now we are set to go again. I am happy to say that I won the game last night ☺ Of course I am the one that keeps track of the score but I don't cheat. ☺
About 33 years ago I got a Braun Kitchen Machine for Christmas and today Cliff had to do a quick repair job. The bowl used to get stuck when I mixed something that was a bit thicker. Last time that happened we bought a new bowl and a new gear but the shop that had the parts in Victoria closed up, so we had to make due with a washer under the bowl. Hopefully that will do the trick. I really like this machine and would hate to get used to another one. I use that for all the bread I bake.
Now off to jump on the Mexican Train.
Good night everybody ☺



  1. We love to play Mexican Train Vera and played while we were boondocking this year with friends. I too sleep with earplugs, Mike refuses, I sleep better sometimes but other times I hear things he doesn't like the dog crying to be taken out (do you think he is just ignoring her??) We too had stormy weather today.

  2. Looks like Mike has "Selective hearing" just like Cliff. Cliff also refused to use ear plugs. He figures somebody has to keep an ear out for nasties. Looks like both guys have a lot in common. They both like to fix things from what I know of your Blog.