Friday, March 12, 2010

What a day!!

When I got up this morning and opened the drapes of the bedroom window I could not believe my eyes.....
Winterwonderland in March 002
about 3 cm of snow on on everything and it was still snowing like mad and kept snowing for a long time and I could see cars and trucks sliding on the road. A terrible sight because I had a hairdresser appointment in Duncan today. Normally I schedule those for about 9 in the morning but this time mine was in the afternoon. It was really slippery and I had a feeling that I might have to cancel the appointment. As it turned out my panic was for nothing because around 10 AM the snow stopped falling and not long after the sun came out. Quite quickly the snow disappeared and when I left for Duncan after lunch the roads were bare and in spots even dry. It was a crazy weather day.
When the snow is on the road, grass and all the trees around the house the inside is much lighter due to the reflection.
According to the weatherman there will not be a repeat of the snow. I hope he is right.
Cliff went to Victoria this afternoon to pick up a saw blade for his saw. He had been trying to find one for a long time and even considered to junk the saw but luckily he found one now. He actually called the same company about half a year ago and they said they could not make one. I guess it depends on who you talk to.
It was an eventful day and now it is time to say
Good night everybody ☺


  1. I guess if you are going to get snow, the kind that falls and is gone quickly isn't too bad. It's really pretty, if you don't have to go anywhere in a car.

  2. That is exactly the kind of snow you get in Southern alberta in March April and May, it falls and then it is usually gone in a day, if you have good snow tires you can go anywhere in the snow, it never stops us from driving!! Nice picture Vera.

  3. That snow looks just like home from November to March around here. Except ours doesn't disappear so quickly.